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teep uphill on Anderson St and the gentle downhill from there back to the Yarra.

The path is reasonably well lit, and it's fine to run here at night.

From GaryO on the CoolRunning MessageBoards:

The start is near the Swan St Bridge (Melways Map 2G Ref A9) at a place we lovingly refer to as the "Pillars of Wisdom". Head east along the dirt with the mighty Yarra across the road on your left, for just over 800m before turning right onto the bitumen path up the infamous Anderson St Hill. Once over the rise the path follows the fence line of the Botanical Gardens around to the right. Just past the 1500m marker the track reverts to dirt & you have a choice to make about which path to follow for 500m. Most racers use the left hand path which follows the kerb of Birdwood Ave, but I think it is much more pleasant sticking right & staying on the fence. The distance is so close to the same that it doesn't matter.

After passing the 2k marker the 2 paths converge into a narrow, bitumen path as you pass the La Trobe Cottage. The path widens after crossing a driveway about 100m further along as you pass the Old Melbourne Observatory on the right & the Shrine of Remembrance on the left. Past the gatehouse for the Observatory, which is just short of the 2500m marker, the path diverges again, & again the choice is entirely up to you with no real change in distance. I'd just take the path less travelled at the time. An important point at this stage is that you stop following the Garden fenceline as the Tan continues along Birdwood Ave.

After about 350m the 2 tracks converge at Governmount House Drive. This is the only road crossing on the Tan. The Drive carries very little traffic, but you still need to be careful as it can be hard to work out which way traffic coming off the roundabout is going to go.

From there you've got about 1k to go as the Tan skirts around the Kings Domain. As you round that last bend you rejoin the river & see the finishing straight.

The Victorian Road Runners have timetrials there, usually on the first Saturday of the month.

Getting there

Access: Numerous entrances around the Domain (along St Kilda Road, Domain Road, Anderson Street and Alexandria Parade).

Facilities: There are water bubblers and rest seats at intervals. There is a toilet in nearby Alexandria park.

Tram: Trams operate along St Kilda Road, which run adjacent to the Tan.

Train: Close to Flinders Street Station.

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