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  • This section of CoolRunning Australia is a collaborative guide to running in Australia - built by runners for runners - so please check back often to see what's been changed recently. As with all projects, it has started from small beginnings and grown larger as more people have become involved. It is not finished now and in reality will never be finished. DIY Pages have been started by various members for tracking events, races, PBs etc.
  • It shows good running routes - particularly useful if you are visting an area for the first time; where to buy running shoes; where to see a good running doctor and more.
  • For those people that already know the answers, maybe if you live there, or have been running there, then YOU can pass on the information to others. The more people that help and contribute, then the better it will be for all runners.
  • Please select a place from the left menu to drill down the area you are interested in. And don't forget to send us your feedback here.
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