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Brisbane Marathon 2005

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CR NameEventEstimated TimeCR gearStateComment
brendan full sub4 CR Singlet & Cap VIC
spot full 2:58 CR Singlet QLD 3rd-time lucky for sub-3? Have made a lot of changes compared to last 2 attempts 
Run67 full 3:00 non CR QLD
eagle full    No plans for a time - will just enjoy the experience on the day and see what comes
Kelvin full 2:58 (sub 3 anyway ?Yellow Headband !) VICHave never run sub 3 at Brisbane though have 60 odd times at other events
Hermaphrodite full    hope to drag Radar over about 4 hours
Radar full    there to continue his streak of every Brisbane marathon
Lady Jove full 5h ? QLD experiment/training run/walk. nothing serious. just for fun
minersrun half 1:30 CR Cap NSW
Whale Boy Half 1:38 CR Singlet QLD I want a 50th birthday PB!!
Kato half 1:40 CR Singlet QLD
Robert Song half 1:50   QLD
Karisma half 1:50 Pink top and pink balloons QLD Pace Leader
Mr. Plod half 3.20 CR Cap
Davo half (hopefully)  ??  ?? QLD 50% chance of being there
run4miles half 2:10 Non CR Gear QLD hopefully better time to boost my morale !!
flashandyhalf1:28Non CR gearQldpotentially in a world of pain after my combat survivability course!
Domhalf<1:40CR hat and/or singletQldwork and beer have got in the way of running recently so fingers crossed
Slow'n steady 8k <0:40  ?? QLD
Chelle 8K 40 CR visor if it arrives in time!
hana_broom 8k 45:00? CR Singlet QLD No idea what time I'll do - but it's going to be fun!
Clarie organiser (bags)    QLD
Tesso organiser (water)    QLD posted on the aid station at Kulipa Point, under the William Jolly Bridge
Steve the Footman organiser
Eddie organiser (Marshall)
RITH organiser
Puntermatt organiser
JC     QLD handing out entry forms for the Queensland Half in June
Mrs Spot & the Spottettes CR Cheer Squad n/a  ? QLD Gardens site of GW Bridge
vat_man undecided   NSW
Digger esky minding   QLD Organising the unofficial pasta party
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