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Canberra Marathon 2005

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NameEst TimeCR GearPrev MarathonsStateComment
MagnusM sub 2:20 unsureVICWill be interesting to see how I go after not being able to run Dec and first part of Jan
lactateheadsub 2.40 1VIC
shawblesub 2.40CR singlet1TAS
Sparkiesub 2:40   
Jo Blake*sub 3:16 50KMaybe Adv topInc ultras
Little Kirloo2.48 3QLD
Springer2.50CR Cap4NSW
Colin*sub 3hr, just?48NSWplus 7.8km crawl at end
Kelvin2.59 or lessnone11VICIf not under 3 it's the 50K option !
nandosub 3hrCR Cap 5NSWAnyone want company to break 3 hrs?
Joe Colesub 3hr  2NSW
HardnFast sub 3hr  2 
Leftiesub 3hr  0NSW
rusticsub 3hr 1 
ray jamessub 3hr 64NSW
celtic runrtrying for sub 3hrgreen ribbon68SA
Runner In The Hillssub 3hr  QLD
Sawdust3hrcap6nsw6ft dependant
O Runner3:10Cap1NSWas long as I don't go crazy at 6ft and recover ok
Silver Fox3.10CR Cap 4NSWlike any race looking to enjoy first and foremost
Nicolette3.15hr 2ACT6ft dependant too
Blue Dog*3.15cap3NSWwanna complete 50k.
Dave H3:17-3:29   will be 6th time straight!
Horrie3:20CR cap2NSWIf all goes to plan on the day
Tuttlesub-3.22.38CR singlet16NSW
Rooster3:27CR Cap5NSW
Repo Man3:29:59 0VIC
GRIFFINsub 3:30CR Singlet10ACT7th straight for Canberra
Celticsub 3:30 0QLDWearing Pat Carroll singlet
Tessosub 3:30CR Cap12QLD
wombatface3:44 6" singlet, CR cap 6ACTmaybe 8k walk after
Kevin Tiller3:00 - 4:00CR singlet & Shorts! 70-odd NSWpost-6ft recovery mode
RMC3:45CR singlet20VICalso 50k option
James M3:58TBA11NSWRunning a sub 4hr Pace Group for SS MTG
Tom Mc3:58:00 CR Cap0 NSW Running in the Strider MTG pace group
Tim Turner4:00CR cap 3NSW
ploddersub 4 hoursCR singlet7VIC
Fetherssub 4 hoursCR singlet8VIC
Flash Ducksub 4 Hours  0ACT
shufflingfeetsub 4hr  NSW
Frostysub 4hr 0 NSW
BLUEBOYsub 4hr  2 
overthehillsub 4hr CR Cap0NSW
Johnny Dark sub 4hrCR Cap5NSW
Gashersub 4hr 2NSW
miss_skarmelsub 4CR Crop Top NSWCan't wait 'til the after party!!
Professorsub 4:00CR Cap1stNSWGoing to enjoy, and hopefully come home fast
bryn4 hours 0ACT
allyrunner4ish hrs CR singlet 0NSWI am just so stoked to be running my 1st marathon!!!!
New kid running the block4hrs will be great CR hat & T 0VICI'll be the one running at 90kgs with a beer belly :-)
DeniseL 4:05 4VIC
LadyJove sub 4:40CR singlet2QLD
plu*either side of 5 hoursCR singlet or Tri top/cap4NSWConsidering ultra option: considered - gotta keep LLs company but worried about effects of 6 foot
Brendan*Sub 5 hoursCR cap10VicLooking to use Canberra 50 as Comrades seeding race
Wildthingsub 5hrCR tri top0NSW
Bernie G   0 
Cat Forrest Gump  1VIC
coal geo   0 
daveb    QLD
Eddie*  2QLDfirst ultra
Luckylegs* CR tri-top & cap5NSW2nd ultra
Roses  0 
Poppy  15 
SoLucky  CR singlet  QLD
The Duck   QLD3rd at Canberra
TriGeek Headquarters Rat *ask me in march but i feel focussed now cap 12 vic it is a great course and i am looking to go better than last year but need all the help i can get
vat_mantbaCap3NSWWill probably take it easy after Six Foot
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