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Canberra Marathon CoolRunners 2006

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CR Name Goal Time Race No. Number of Marathons CR Gear State Comment
piledHigherq* 2:48 59 ~10 & 9 Ironmans No - singlet ;black shorts    
Kelvin 2:58 46 13th Canberra Yellow Headband VIC If not sub 3 then 50KM
run67* Sub 3 73 17   QLD 50K
Aimhigh sub 3:00   2   NSW 3:09 last year - 21min PB at Sixfoot so think I have good chance
ILikeToast 3:15 160 5 Diddly Tights QLD Am I the only one who gets anxious before a race?
Dog 3:15       QLD?  
Action*   11   CR cap. Striders singlet NSW 50K
O-Runner PB of sub 3:20 193 4 Cap NSW Catching the bus!
nando* 3:20 108 9 CR Cap NSW Hoping for sub 4hr 50k
Eddie 3:25   5 Cap QLD 3:25:59 last year
Papa Luigi sub 3:30   2   NSW  
Mango sub 3:30 373 1   NSW 1st Canberra
Mr wildthing 3:30-3:59   0 CR Singlet NSW goal is sub 3:30
Johnny Dark 3:30   7 CR Cap NSW Last chance.
Redback* 3:30     CR Cap/striders gear NSW  
Schtumpy 3:30 293 1   Qld  
Rock Doctor 3:30   1 CR Cap NSW  
Robert Song 3:30 64 5 Singlet QLD  
Running Nicho 3:30   0   NSW  
Tesso To start F26 15 CR Cap QLD ITB willing I will finish
Clairie 3:30 F174 Marathon Virgin cr cap; ski gear QLD wants to finish in one piece
Chappo 3:30   2   NSW First Canberra; not sure how I'll go after 6 foot
Hamburglar 3:30 767 0 ? NSW 1st Marathon
boy1der 3:30   2   NSW what Chappo said
GRIFFIN 3:30-3:45 M=212 & 5k=529 11th Marathon & 8th Canberra CR Singlet & CR Cap ACT Pacer Req'd please!
Grasshopper sub 3:40 F58 3   VIC 6FT is just a training run!
CJ sub 3:40   6 Cap ACT 5th Canberra
AndrewinOz? sub 3:45 743 0 CR cap state of shock ;) 1st ever
Bighats Revised to 3:45 657 First timer None NSW May need to revise that time again during the race!
Karisma 3:45-3:55 F54 2 CR Crop Top QLD Want to finish with a smile
sfGnome 3:50 671 0 CR Cap NSW "it's ""suck it and see"" time"
Grey beard 3:55 324 1 t-shirt Vic First Canberra
James M 3:59   14 TBA NSW Striders 4 hr Pace group
Cato 3:59:59 336 Melbourne(2);Canberra;Gold Coast CR singlet and cap VIC I hate hills!
shufflingfeet sub 4h F-75 1 CR Cap NSW  
Vurt sub 4 733 First!! Cap ACT *twitch*
Patch 4:00          
squeak112* sub 4:10 239 4 Singlet?? NSW 50kms
wobbly man 4:00-4:15 721 Debut Singlet Disrepair  
blkbox 4.15 727 0 Singlet NSW First marathon
Nihao 4:30 or better   First time   NSW to not finish last!
Omni Survivng (and if I did go sub 4.30... 667 FIRST TIME!!!! Singlet & Cap NSW Hopefully I'll do better then Phiddippidies
courtlylove* 5:30 (50k)   2 cr top/cap Vic  
Crabby To finish(hope sub 5hr)   0 CR Singlet NSW scared first timer
Lady Jove Sub 5 F88 6 CR Tri top QLD goal:finish feeling good
Poozy 5:00+ F264     NSW 1st marathon
Luckylegs* 6:30 or whatever it takes F98 6 CR singlet; R4YL? cap NSW 50K Hope you don't get lost LL!
Colin         NSW  
Digger     Lots   QLD 6-ft track dependant
Eagle*   91 Lots   NSW  
FiIK?*         VIC 50K
Horrie* Whatever it takes   8 Tri-top and Cap NSW LL's official CR escort to ensure she stays on track
Kit     0   NSW  
Martin Dugdale     0      
overthehill     0   NSW  
Spud*         NSW 50K
Stampy To finish F245 0 CR Shirt NSW nervous first timer
Tuttle   181       possible 50k
Ultraphil         VIC should be there
Jo Blake   22 4th Canberra 50K Brooks Gear NSW 50K

Cheersquad, spectators, and 10k'ers

CR Name What ya doing CR gear State Comment
Allrounder 10k (F309); Volunteer (Marshall #41) CR cap ACT
Go Girl 10k; Cheersquad CR cap NSW
Owl 10k; Cheersquad
tiger angel Cheersquad; maybe 10k?
NSW bike-borne mobile cheer squad
eskieMo 10k; Cheersquad CR visor Vic
Vat 10k (no. 27) CR Cap NSW Clairies Marathon photographer on bike
wildthing 10k;Mr WT cheersquad CR Cap&Singlet NSW
IHateToast 10k
Easy Tiger 5k; Cheersquad
minersrun Cheering from a hospital bed CR cap NSW
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