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City to Surf

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Race Information

Typical scene from start of race in William St.

The City to Surf is a 14km fun run sponsored by the Sun Herald newspaper, and is held in Sydney Australia. The race is one of the biggest running races in the world and attracts over 60,000 participants

  • Date: Sunday 9th August 2009
  • Start Time: 9am

Entries open 24 May 2009. You cannot enter the race on the day.

Sun-Herald Blurb

The Sun-Herald City2Surf is the worlds largest timed fun run and one of the largest cause-related community events in Australia. A record 70,000 entrants raised over $1.2 million for charity in 2008.

Since 1971 Sydneysiders have been joined by participants from all over the world to run, walk or watch the race from the start in Hyde Park in the CBD to the spectacular finish at Bondi Beach.

The 39th Sun-Herald City2Surf will be held on Sunday, August 9, 2009. Entries open Sunday, May 24. Register online at

You can follow City2Surf on Facebook and Twitter

Become a Herald Hero today to register for the official charity program and start raising money for a charity close to your heart. Visit today.

The Sun-Herald City2Surf is produced by Fairfax Events


Start Groups

  • Seeded Runner - Elite runners and by invitation only
  • Preferred runners - A finishing time number under 55 minutes. See this forum thread regarding qualifying standards
  • SH1 - Sub 75 minute finish - Red Bib numbered 1-8000
  • SH2 - Sub 100 minute finish - Green Bib numbered 8001-16,000
  • Blue Start - First in basis with a limit of 24,000 - Blue Bib numbered 16,001-40,000
  • Back of the pack - Yellow Bib numbered 40,001 onwards

There are 4 starting guns

  • 1 - Starts the SH1 group at 9am
  • 2 - Start SH2 group
  • 3 - Starts the Blue group
  • 4 - Starts Back of the Pack - not before 9:30am


City to Surf course map.

The City to Surf in the heart of Sydney city at Hyde park and finishes at Bondi beach, passing through several of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.


Coolrunning Members City to Surf Tips

  • If you are starting from HSBC or Back of the Pack, get there a bit early
  • Go to the toilet early if possible - if you head to the toilet in the final 30m then you will not get back where you were.
  • Take a small bottle of water for the 30 minutes prior.
  • Wear shoes, socks, shirt, shorts that are well run in - no new gear. Wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • For extra warmth at the start, wear old clothes and discard them at the start. They are donated to charity.
  • Wear an old shirt to the start and throw it away - it will stop the sun or keep you warm.
  • People are pretty good at the start. You won't need to worry about people pushing you over.
  • Keep an eye on the road for discarded clothes and bottles.
  • Take a look over your shoulder at the Kings Cross tunnel for a spectacular view.
  • With all the excitement at the start of the race, don't go out hard, pace yourself. It's a hard course and otherwise you will run out of juice.
  • Don't cut corners, it is bad form.
  • The hills are tough, just slow down and keep going.
  • Heartbreak Hill often looks like it's about to flatten out around the corner, but doesn't. Bear in mind it's 2km long, so don't try to surge up it.
  • The finish into Bondi seems to go on forever - use it to acknowledge the crowd - it must be like this if you are leading a big run.
  • The course does a U-turn right near the finish, so if you like to sprint to the end, wait until you've turned the corner and can see the finish line in front of you. Otherwise you'll run out of puff!
  • The St John Ambulance posts all have plentiful supplies of sunscreen, Vaseline and Band-Aids. If your forget yours, feel free to ask them for some.

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