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Typical scene from start of race in William St.
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Next Race : 9am Sunday 10th August 2008

  • This year's City to Surf competition will start as usual at the corner of Park and College Streets, and go through the city, finishing at Bondi Beach course map here.
  • Entry forms appear exclusively in The Sun-Herald newspaper commencing from end of May until race week. Interstate entrants who entered the previous year's event will automatically receive an entry form early in June, for all others please call 1800-555-514 for entry forms or further information. Please note that photocopied entry forms are not acceptable. It is possible to enter online from the race website with a credit card if you are over 18 years old (under 18s need a parents signature and need to enter with a paper form. Runners under 17 need to have parental/guardian consent. There is no limit on the number of entries and more than 60,000 are expected.
  • For information regarding either seeded or preferred runner status for other details please contact the race office via email at
  • The CoolRunning Messageboards have a complete section on the race, and there is lots of info there about how best to run the race, what the hills are like, straetgies for getting to the front of your wave start, what time to turn up to the start etc, based on hundreds of runner comments.
  • There is also a teams event - so you should check out the list of categories on the entry form.
  • Note that you cannot enter on the day.


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