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Since the demise of the NSW-based "Right Track" Magazine, and its popular end of year awards, it made sense that someone, like CoolRunning, step in to continue the tradition. We had the first awards in 2004 and they have been an annual occurrence since.

2009 Awards Process

  1. From 1st December 2009 to 21st December 2009 - Nominations for each category will be open (but are closed right now). There need be no "seconder". You can nominate as many in each category and as many categories as you like. CoolRunning reserves the right to remove "donkey" nominations.
  2. From 22nd December 2009, voting will be open - you can only vote for what was nominated and you won't be able to vote more than once. No one can see the vote tally until after voting has closed. No more nominations can be accepted once voting starts.
  3. Voting closes on 26th January 2010 and prizes awarded immediately after. Actually there probably won't be any real prizes, just an entry in the Reader Awards Hall of Fame.

Reader Awards Hall of Fame

Awards Categories

The awards categories are as follows: Race Section

  • Best Australian 10km Race
  • Best Australian Half-Marathon Race
  • Best Australian Marathon Race
  • Best Australian UltraMarathon Race (longer than a marathon)
  • Best Australian "Other distance" Race
  • Best Australian Regional Race (>100kms from capital city)
  • Most Scenic Australian Race

Athlete Section

  • Best Australian Male Athlete
  • Best Australian Female Athlete
  • Best Overseas Athlete (male or female)

Community Section

  • CoolRunning's favourite running shop
  • CoolRunning's favourite running/sports magazine
  • CoolRunning's favourite running club
  • CoolRunning's favourite thread of the year
  • CoolRunning's most accomplished athlete of the year (must have posted at least once, your definition of accomplished)
  • CoolRunning's most inspirational runner
  • CoolRunning's ambassador of the year
  • Best CoolRunner photo in the photo gallery (enter the url)
  • This year's most worn brand of running shoes (enter model YOU wore most)
  • This year's most essential running accessory (eg Bodyglide, Mp3 player, GPS)
  • This year's favourite running blog
  • Most commented CoolRunning thread of the year (can't vote on this - a scan of the messageboards will suffice)
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