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Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run, Germany 29/3/2009

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Join Michael Klim in the third Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run in Germany, March 29th 2009.

Over 25 000 spectators will be cheering on 7 000 courageous runners when they face up to the grueling 16km long cross-country course containing 26 obstacles on the grounds of the Airport Weeze in the Lower Rhine region, Germany.

The 2009 event is fully booked out but Fisherman’s Friend has a Wild Card Entry for two people to compete in the race to be won. The Strongman Trip Challenge closes at 5pm AEDST on 17/02/09.

You also have the opportunity to pick the winning race time! The Strongman Timing Challenge closes at 5pm AEDST on 27/03/09.

Simply visit website and enter now!

Please see terms and Conditions for more information.

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