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Fitzroy Falls Marathon 2005

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Name +'Estimated Time'+ CR GearPrevious MarathonStateComment
Eagle     NSW Finish with Blue Dog
Blue Dog     NSW .
Dave H     ACT I've run all 5 so far, will be there again this year and can't recommend it highly enough!!
Stalky sub 3:04   NSW I ran the inaugral race and enjoyed the race and would like to improve on my 3.04 behind Greg Love so count me as a starter.
Kelvin 3:10 to 3:20   VIC .
RLS     NSW .
langswm     .
tim 5:00  ? NSW nothing like an easy jog on a nice trail :)
JDW 3.30   NSW did this last year & loved it, hopefully training partner can make it to the starting line this year.
Gnscon sub 4.30   NSW Would like to do sub 4 but not feeling particularly well trained, and unsure of the course
Royworlds sub 4.00   NSW First Marathon and keen to get a six foot qualifier
Chappo 4.00  4:40? NSW Second attempt
Jo Blake ?   NSW First attempt so will play it by ear
Shogun 3:30?   NSW Hopefully a great day out on the trail
Expozay 5:00   NSW Struggling along hopefully ahead of the sweeper after totally crummy preparation
Flash Duck 5:00 Yes   ACT Trot along with Expozay and tim on a nice trail
GWye3:45Yes NSWHaven't done this one before

Dunno yet

CR NameStateComment
Lucky Legs NSW Whether it's the marathon, 10km or just cheering you all on, I'll be sure to bring the goodies (food and drinks) again.
Flash Duck ACT Entered the marathon, may do it (slowly) of the 10km, or join Lucky Legs in just cheering you all on!
RMC VIC Will be at 24hr track in Adel (same day)

CR cheersquad

CR NameStateComment
Jen_runs NSW Pom-poms
The Owl NSW More pom-poms
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