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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any questions about the Australian Running Guide and the wiki part of CoolRunning, these frequently asked questions may help you. If you are a visitor to Australia from overseas then you should also read these Notes for overseas runners. More details about the software we use, and how you can make use of it, can be found in the Getting Started section.


Wow, this all looks quite complicated - can I REALLY make some changes, and how ?

ANYONE who is registered to use the CoolRunning Messageboards and has made more than 10 posts can make changes. We welcome them. You just click "edit page" in the left hand column and add your comments or change the text - you can try it out in the TestArea. The tone is meant to be casual and respectful - Authors are encouraged to write thoughtfully and to think about how their writings fit in with the existing content. A brief explanation of the basic editing functions is here.

But if anyone can edit the pages, won't somebody nasty delete all the good stuff, or vandalise it ?

In theory, this can happen. But in practice, on every page there is a page history link. Not only does this show the page history, but it allows you to restore to any previous version. From time to time we will get somebody do something nasty but we can restore the damage quickly. There are many people reading these pages to raise the alert. The system has inbuilt monitors that alert administrators as changes are made. The software we use is based on that used for Wikipedia (a free collarobratively built encyclopaedia). They have written a page about some of the most common concerns people have.

I have something to add about a Location, but it's not listed?

No worries, you can add a new location - just follow the instructions for one of the Templates we have created to fill out some of the standard fields.

I have some great runs in my area and I'd like to add those - how do I do that?

No worries, it's easy to add a new place to run to a location page - just follow the instructions for one of the Templates we have created to fill out some of the standard fields.

I have got a map and well-written instructions for a route, can I add that as an attachment

No worries, it's easy to upload attachments, as long as they are not copyrighted materials. Just click Upload file in the toolbox (bottom of the sidebar to the left).

I understand Edit but what does Discussion mean ?

On each page, we only want running content that people want to read. If you have a question about a particular page, or if you are not sure what to do, then click Discuss Page and just write your comments in there. Someone will come along and answer the question or make a change to the original page.

I have a good idea - can I pass it onto you ?

A: Sure - feel free to add to the CoolRunning Messageboards.

How did the idea of the Running guide first start ?

We have written up some of the initial ideas in a brief history.


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