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For clarity and ease of use the Australian Running Guide has been built upon a locality hierarchy - it's the Australian Guide and so it makes sense that the first categories are by State.

Each State then focuses on the capital city and the major regions/cities - Locations, within the State. In the case of the larger capital cities they too are broken down further by regional Location. As the Australian Running Guide is organic, and expected to grow, as more information comes to hand, additional Locations can be added, merged or separated as required.

For each State Location (city/region) a summary for that Location is provided covering a number of key issues likely to be of interest to runners. Issues such as :

  • The Basics - an overview of the location.
  • Key Races - held in this location and when.
  • Running Tracks - Tracks available for public use in this location.
  • Places to Run - more of that in a moment
  • Running Clubs
  • Places to Buy Running Gear incl Shoes.
  • Medical & Doctors

The major City Locations, due to their size, may have extra information relvant to an area.

Other CoolRunners can add or update any of these details by following the steps contained in the instructions on the FAQ link in the sidebar menu.

Most runs listed will have details that will cover :

  • Run Name
  • Run Summary
  • Run Distance
  • Topography
  • Water Stations
  • Facilities
  • Run Route Details
  • Map Reference

Making Changes

Any member of the CoolRunning Australia forums is encouraged to make changes and contrinutions to the Running Guide. Your logon is the same as for the messageboard forums, and indeed, your logon may even be detected automatically. As you navigate through pages, look for places you can add some value. On any page you are able to add or modify the content of that page by clicking on the Edit link at the top of the page. Whilst mistakes will occur - you can do no permanent harm to the Guide as we have a log of all changes and can revert any stuffups (intentional or otherwise) quite easily.

The Running Guide uses MediaWiki software and for help with editing and formatting visit their help pages.


To keep a degree of uniformity in the information a number of templates have been created to help with your data entry when entering a new Location or Place to Run. The templates are available from the Templates Page. They have been designed for "cut and paste" use and contain both instructions for use and sample input items.


First off, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page and if it's not there then you can always take a ticket at our helpdesk and one of the administrators will get back to you.

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