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January 2008 Update

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  1. It's been a while since we updated the website but just wanted to say - We are still collecting shoes so keep saving them
  2. The main issue I have is that last year we sent about 200 pairs overseas (Soloman Islands and PNG), which is great, but I already have a pile of approx 200 ie getting the shoes is an awful lot easier than arranging shipping to people that need them, which is why we have been quiet lately .
  3. I have had a rash of people saying they are starting their own collections and I haven't updated the website with these details. I can see that people are nervous about getting too big a pile. I have asked all who contact me to do the same - collect shoes and store them. When they get too many to store then send them to me (either find someone to sponsor the cost to send a big parcel or pay yourself or find a friendly person who is driving - happy to meet them anywhere). A BIG parcel to Sydney is surprisingly cheap (less than $1 per kg which is approx 1 pair)
  4. The good news is that we are will be doing another shipment of 300 pairs to the Solomon Islands in the next few weeks - that will free up some space for us to start collecting with a vengeance.

Kevin Tiller

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