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The Basics

Launceston is a hilly location which means that there are few runs of significant distance (say 15k's or more) which do not require a fair amount of hill running. During the winter months it can become both very cold and wet, suitable attire is advisable during these months. Woodsmoke pollution during the colder months can also be an issue, particularly low in the valley/city area, though in recent years this has started to improve. Launceston is a great location for safe, picturesque and challenging trail runs which are not at all busy and very close to the city while providing the peaceful sensation of being in a remote location.

Key Races

Launceston Ten was held for the first time in July of 2007. Launceston is within 3 hours drive of both Hobart and Burnie which host running events such as the Burnie Ten and Hobart Cadbury Marathon among others. Other events may be added as details become available.

Running Tracks

- Cataract Gorge and First Basin area. - Running tracks are many and varied, both sealed and unsealed, links via unsealed trail to Duck Reach and Trevallyn Dam Recreation Area, links via sealed path to Kings Park and running trail along west bank of Tamar River.

- Trevallyn Dam Recreation Area - Excellent location for trail runners and with several kilometres of safe sealed road in a peaceful bush location. Many kilometres of unsealed bush trails with peaceful, attractive surroundings. Safe location for trail running as location is regularly used by others and is never far from a road or car park, mobile phone reception is always available here. Links to Cataract Gorge and Duck Reach via unsealed bush trail of varying degrees of difficulty.

- Kings Park Trail & trail around west bank of Tamar River. - Easy, undulating, sealed track of several kilometres through park areas near the city. Can be extended north of the city on either the west or east side of the Tamar River. On the West bank of the river is a popular, mostly unsealed and fairly flat running track which runs along the river bank for several kilometres and can be extended north through the suburb of Riverside for a longer road run.

Places to run

Being a relatively small city it is generally not necessary to have to travel far to find good running locations.

The Cataract Gorge and First Basin areas contain many many tracks and trails, both sealed and otherwise, which are popular with runners and walkers. These trails form something of a rabbit warren and tend all to link with one another and with other popular running spots like the Trevallyn Dam Recreation Area and the various parks and trails around the mouth of the Tamar River such as Kings Park. You can link sealed, undulating paths around the mouth of the Tamar River and the scenic Cataract Gorge with difficult ungroomed trail areas connecting to Duck Reach and the Duck Reach Power Station and furthar on to the Trevallyn Dam Recreation Area and the myriad trails around that peaceful bush location. Because these trails, while peaceful and not at all busy, are never far from populated areas such as car parks and nature reservations makes them very safe in terms of being able to get in and out in case of injury or other mishap. Mobile phone reception is always available in these areas.

Photographs to come of these areas.

Running Clubs & Groups

Launceston Athletic Club (LAC) holds races every Saturday through the winter. Most are handicap races between 5 and 10k in length, but there is a half marathon in August and a 17k race in September. Visit the LAC at for more details.

Also, the Professional Cross Country Club of Tasmania (PCCCT) holds similar races on Sundays through the winter. They also organise a marathon in July and a 17.6k race in August. This club is based in the Burnie/Ulverstone area. Contact them on

Places to buy Running gear incl. shoes

-Sports Authority Co. corner of York and Saint John streets in the city.

-Launceston Sport and Surf, Saint John street in the city.

-Sports Power, corner of Saint John and Patterson streets in the city.

-The Sports Arena, 23 Racecourse Crescent, near the Kmart.

Note None of the above mentioned stores are specialist running stores and the level of staff knowledge should be considered with this in mind.

Medical & Doctors

None listed yet

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