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McKay Rd Dash

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Run Summary

A run along Montview Parade to McKay Rd, then a 1.2km bush run and then back again.

Run Distance



Bitumen Road for first 1km, then a flat fire trail for 1.2kms

Water Stations

A tap in Montview Park near the tree behind the swings.


Toilets in Montview Park.

Run Route Details

Start at the intersection of Montview Parade and Galston Road. Run along Montview Parade, past the park, around the dog leg turns in the road, up the hill, then a sharp left turn and a more gradual turn to the right past the water tank. At the end of the street, run past the water tank, go left around the green gate onto the fire trail. Do not run down the Crest road! The fire trail starts off level, then drops off sharply with three steep descents, before leveling off for the last 600m. At the end of the path, touch the tea tree and then return. The return journey is much harder up the three steep inclines on the fire trail.

It is also possible to run past the two tea trees and join up to the Benowie trail. This takes about 2minutes or less from the tea trees. Follow the track, which will bend to the left. The track appears to disappear near a grass tree, but looking closely will show the track does a sharp right and left down a rock ledge. The track then goes mainly straight down except for one 10m left turn to find a gap in another rock ledge. There are several 1m jumps or steps down this track, but the last half is pretty much straight down a steep sandy track. This track is very steep, and while it may take 1m35 to run down, it will always take 4minutes or more to run or walk up. From where the track joins the Benowie trail, it is about 20minutes to Galston Gorge on the left, and 30minutes to Crosslands on the right.

Map Reference

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