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Notes for overseas runners

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  • Australia is a great place to run : there is lots of fantastic scenery, clean air (once you are outside of the main city CBD aresa), miles of countryside, bush tracks and beaches - it's just a matter of finding the right places or the best places - the aim of this guide is to help you find them.
  • The weather has a tendency to be warm - much of the country is tropical or sub-tropical, so generally most runners go early in the morning. Be careful in the sun - you will find most runners wear caps and sun-screen. Read these tips for being "sun-safe".
  • Due to the seasons, there are very few races in the summer months (November-February). In particular this is also the Christmas / New Year and Summer Holiday periods when most people are away on holiday (including the people who put on races). What races are being held will be listed on our calendar.
  • The main running season, when there are most races, is during the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons (April-October). However, don't be fooled into thinking this is a cooler time of year - temperatures are still in the 20Cs or 30Cs in many places during the day even in mid-winter.
  • For runners coming from the USA, the UK and South Africa in particular, you must remember that Australia has a small population of less than 20 million people spread over an area approx the same as the USA. In addition there are many many other outdoor sports that attract a lot of people, so running is a SMALL sport in this country, and therefore there are a LOT fewer races in comparison to your own countries. Most CAPITAL cities within each state have approx one or two races per weekend, and the smaller towns only have a few per YEAR. You might need to re-adjust your expectations.
  • Sydney to Perth (right across Australia) is the same as Los Angeles to New York, or London to Moscow.
  • The three major cities in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Melbourne to Sydney is 1,000km, Sydney to Brisbane is another 1,000km.
  • You will often need to drive to these events as early morning transport is not very frequent outside of CBD areas. The typical starting time for races in Australia is early morning to avoid the heat.
  • distances are in kilometres, not miles (1 mile = 1.6km)
  • temperatures are in Celsius, not Farenheight (F = 2 x C then add 32)
  • weights are kilograms, not pounds (1kg = 2.2 pounds)
  • cars drive on left hand side of the road (look right when crossing the road)
  • dates are DD/MM (so 12/10 is 12th October)
  • Christmas is in summer and hot (not road running season)
  • Thongs are worn on your feet (flip flops)


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