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November 2008 Update

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  1. We donated 444 pairs of shoes to AFAP(website) - In a batch of 284 on 1st Nov and 160 on 8th Nov - these were the people that we donated to about a year or so ago when the shoes went to the Solomon Islands. They couldn't say where their next shipment would go, but likely India. They do shipments to India, Africa, the Pacific, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh etc. They mainly ship medical equipment - hospital beds, blankets, wheelchairs, syringes, drugs etc.
  2. Luckily AFAP said that they can take as many pairs of shoes as we can deliver. It was a real eye-opener looking around their warehouse and really made me feel like we were doing something worthwhile.
  3. We have been receiving regular shipments from Canberra and Melbourne, but I have been nervous advertising the program too far and wide due to inconsistent donations to recipients, however it looks like we can ship as many shoes to AFAP as we can muster (they ship a container to 3rd World Pacific locations approx 7 times per year) and said its easy enough to squeeze in our shoes.
  4. I found out about a similar project from a Melbourne-based woman who collects bras - these get distributed via AFAP also.
  5. The Sydney Marathon Clinic based in Western Sydney will also start collecting shoes at their popular running series (5km-30km most months).

Kevin Tiller

AFAP Warehouse in Western Sydney (1)
AFAP Warehouse in Western Sydney (2)
Approx 100 pairs before packing
160 pairs after Kevin packed them
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