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Parramatta River Loop

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Run Summary

This is a really nice training run with minimal road crossing. It mainly runs along both sides of the Parramatta River. It is mainly flat, but does have a couple of testing hills.

The 21K option has several kilometres of trail running along the Foreshore Trail in Concord West.

Run Distance

16K Loop with a 21K option.


Mainly flat with some hills.

Water Stations

Water is available at various points throughout the run.


There are a number of public toilets and bubblers along the route. The route passes a major shopping centre, so shops are available, and both options cross a train station.

Run Route Details

16K option

Starting at the carpark in Wilson Park at Silerwater, cross the Silverwater Bridge to the north. On the other side of the bridge run down to the path along the river (closed at the time of writing, May 2007). Follow this path until it's conclusion at the corner of Atkins Rd and Gregory St.

Run up the hill along Atkins Rd and turn left onto Hope St. Run past the roundabout and turn left again onto Waratah St. The road turns rough, and resemble a poorly maintained driveway as you run towards the boat ramp. Afer you pass the boat ramp you will find a path through a park that will take you to Lancaster Ave.

Turn right when you reach the footpath at Lancaster Ave. Follow the road until you get to a shared cycle path to your right. Follow this path, which will take you on a tree lined route until you reach the railway bridge at Meadowbank which goes back over the Parramatta River. Turn left at the base of this bridge and follow the path up and along Bank St until you get to the smaller bridge over the railway line to your right. Run over that bridge and turn right again, following the cycleway path signs back over the Parramatta River.

Turn right onto Blaxland Rd at the end of the bridge, and follow that road all the way to Rhodes Railway Station. Cross over the station. Keep going straight ahead after crossing the railway and run all the way back down to the River foreshore.

Follow the path along the Rhodes forshore. This will take you to the left and then to the right when you are accross the road from the Rhodes shopping centre. You will pass a set of traffic lights before following the path into Bicentennial Park. Follow this path until you see a bridge to your right. Turn right and cross two bridges. After the second bridge, the Badu Mangroves will be to your right. Take the path through the mangroves (about 1.8K). Thje path will come out at Bennelong Road. Cross Bennelong Road and turn right. Here you will cross another bridge. Follow Bennelong Rd to its conclusion where it intersects Hill Rd. Cross Hill Rd, and you will see the Woo-La-Ra Parking area to your right. Turn right and run past the carpark and follow the bike path that runs parallel to Hill Rd until you reach a T intersection on the bike path with the Parramatta River in front of you and the Ferry terminal to your right. Turn left and run the 2.7K along the Parramatta River back to your starting point.

21K option

For the 21K option take the same route as the 16K option until you get to the railway bridge at Meadowbank. Go under the bridge and keep following the Parramatta River until you get to the next bridge over the Parramatta River, which is Homebush Bay Drive. Cross the river at this bridge and after the crossing, run back under the bridge to the other side of Homebush Bay Drive. Follow Homebush Bay Drive until you get to Bray's Bay Reserve. Run through Brays Bay Reserve, through the carpark passing the restaurant on your left until you get to the Kokoda Memorial track. Run through that park and turn left onto the bush trail just before you pass into the grounds of Concord hospital. Take care with this turn, it is easy to miss if you aren't looking for it.

This is the Foreshore Trail. You follow this trail for several kilometres. Be aware that at the time of writing part of the Trail is blocked for construction and you will have to detour around the old building that make up Concord Hospital.

The Foreshore Trail finishes into Major Bay Reserve. Keep following the path until you get to an oval with a black fence. Turn left onto the grass before this fence and follow the fence around until you hit a driveway. Follow the driveway past the Bowling club, which brings you out onto Nullawarra Avenue. Turn left at Nullawarra Ave and cross the road. Turn left again at Wilga Street.

Follow Wilga Street for it's entirety. This will bring you to Concord Rd. Cross Concord Road at the Victoria Avenue lights which are just to your right from the intersection of Concord Rd and Wilga St.

Follow Victoria Ave until you get to Concord West Station. Cross Concord West station, and keep going straight along Victoria Avenue on the other side of the station. This will take you under Homebush Bay Drive and into Bicentennial Park. You will see a wide pedestrian bridge just ahead of you. Cross that bridge, and turn right. This bike path will take you to the Badu Mangroves. From this point the run is the same route as the 16K loop.

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