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Pennant Hills Park

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  • Pennant Hills Park is just a km or so from Pennant Hills Station. There are a lot of bushtracks leading from here for some offroad running, leading all the way down to Lane Cove National Park.
  • It would be very easy to fit in a 10km or more run, totally offroad.
  • Some of the walks and their distances are listed on the Hornsby Council website:
    • Mambara Access Track 1km
    • Lookout Walk 1.5km
    • Lorna Pass Walk 2km
    • Shale Ridge Walk 1km
    • Whale Rock Circuit 5.3km
    • Lane Cove River Circuit 8km
  • There is a 10km bike ryde from Pennant Hills Park to West Pymble
  • A search on CoolRunning might throw up more info on runs in the park.
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