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Pennant Hills to Cherrybrook

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Back to Cherrybrook, Pennant Hills


Run Distance

This is a combined road and trail run, that is conservatively around 15 km. I have not measures the trail section. It takes me 1:35 minutes to run and I run about 6 minutes per km

Run Summary

Starting from the corner of Weemala Road and Greycliffe Avenue Pennant Hills on the norther side of Pennant Hills Station. Into the bush at the end of Lawwerence Road around around the ridgeline of Cherrybrook, down purchase Road to New Line Road then right in County Drive to Castle Hill Road then left to Thompsons Corner and up Pennant Hills Road to Pennant Hills. It is a good run for later in the evening as long as you are off the trails by dark!


Undulating road for 1.8 km and about 30 minutes of undulating firetrail and track running followed by an undulating road run back to the start.

Water Stations

Check the gardens of houses as you run past for a tap!

Toilet Facilities

Nil except for the bush

Run Route Details

Starting rom the corner of Weemala Road and Greycliffe Avenue Pennant Hills on the northern side of Pennant Hills Station. Along Greycliffe, left into ramsay, cross Bellamy and go up Lawerence till the road ends. This is about 1.8km. Follow the trail out to the old Hornsby Pony Club along Stringy Bark Ridge. There is a steep fire trail descent down to The Jungo, cross the creek go up the other side and within 100m there is the walking trail turn off to the right to Westleigh. Go straight ahead as the trail climbs and swings to the left.

At the top there is a T-intersection the firetrail has been surfaced. If you go left the trail ends in a dead end of Cherrybrook. Go right at the T intersection up a short sharp climb and then down. Ahead you can see where the trail ends but on the right there is a walking trail down into a valley. Take the trail and in a few 100m there is a backward right trail which goes over a creek and climbs steeply to a trail behind a series of houses.

What you do here is follow the trail around the ridges. Every now and then you have to go back onto a road and within a 100 metres or so there is another trail entrance to a fire trail around the back of the houses. With a map and a bit of trial and error it is easy to work out.

Once you come out on Purchase Road , or make your way to it, it is about a 2 kms to New Line Road where you turn left and then right into County Drive. Go down the Drive and up the other side to Castle Hill Road where you turn left and head to Thompsons Corner and then go left along Pennant Hills Road back to Pennant Hills

Map Reference

I have a 1994 Street Directory Sydway 1994 Map 114: D19 Weemala Road and Greycliffe Ave Pennant Hills is the start and you loop back.

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