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Pennant Hills to Hornsby

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Back to Sydney Suburbs, Pennant Hills, Thornleigh, Normanhurst, Waitara, Hornsby


Run Summary

From the corner of Weemala Road and Greycliffe Avenue Pennant Hills running along the northern side of the railway line up to Hornsby and then back along Pacific Highway and Pennant Hills Road to Hornsby. It is a particularly good night run as there is less traffic on Pennant Hills Road. It can be run in both directions depending on whether you want to do the hills first or second.

Run Distance

It can be a 11.8 or 13 km run. I have also treated it as a 26km run with two loops


Hilly along the northern side of the railway line and undulating downhill along the Pacific Highway and Pennant Hills Road

Water Stations

Besides house taps there is a service station at 3km into the 3km, and at 6km and 3km to go.


At the service stations

Run Route Details

I start these runs from the corner of Greycliffe and Weemala Roads up from the Pennant Hills Station on the Northern side. For this run I go down Greycliffe to Stevens Road and turn right and follow it to Yararra Road. Here turn left up the hill to Thornleigh Station where the road changes name to The Esplande. Go down from Thornleigh station and up to Duffy Road. From here do a quick left and right at the lights and go down to the bottom of the hill till you reach Sefton Road. The Servo is on the corner. Go right into Sefton and up to the railway line and then follow the railway line along, passing Normanhurst station after one descent and climb. Then there is another descent and climb up to a railway bridge crossing. Once over the bridge at Barker College you can decide to do 11.8km of 13km.

If you want to do 11.8 go straight ahead innto Clarke Road right into Unwin, left into Russell and up the hill till you reach the Pacific Highway. I will point out where this comes out in the 13km description.

To do the 13km turn left at the bridge and the railway line will be on the left and Barker College on the right. Go to the top of the hill and turn right at thie lights into the Pacific Highway. Just before the Blue Gum Hotel is a servo and the road dips down and up again through the "Auto Alley" then up to the Pacific Highway turn off on the left and down the hill to Pennant Hills and where the freeway comes out. Just before the lights at the freeway interesection is where you would have come out for the 11.8km run. At this pint there is 5 km to go. 4 km to go is the bridge to Loretto, 3km to go is the 70km road sign after the old Thornleigh tip o the right and just before the servo on the right. 2 km to go is after McDonalds on the right at the Comenarra Parkway intersection. The 1km to go is the driveway to the BMW dealership. Go past Yarrara Road , past the gym and Black Stump and right into Trebor and back to Weemala. If you want to do 12 km just run down Greycliffe to the next intersection at Ramsay Road and walk around the block to the start.

Map Reference

I have a 1994 Street Directory Sydway 1994 Map 114: D19 Weemala Road and Greycliffe Ave Pennant Hills is the start and you loop back.

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