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Pennant Hills to Westleigh

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Run Summary

From the corner of Weemala Road and Greycliffe Avenue Pennant Hills - up from station on northern side through the bush to Westleigh and back along the railway line. By adding extensions in the Westleigh portion you can run have courses without overlap up to 13 km.

Run Distance

6km, 10km or 13km


The surface is all road now but quite scenic and very much traffic free

Water Stations

No water except for the front yard taps.


Toilets in Philip Ruddock Park

Run Route Details

I start these runs from Weemala Road up from the Pennant Hills Station on the Northern side. Down the hill from Weemala which turns into Rosemont left into Stevens Road to the end and right into Bellamy. Bellamy goes down in to bush at the end of the road. The council have resurfaced the road. You have two choices here. You can go straight ahead over the bridge up the hill past the old quarry where there is evidence of mountain bike riding on the right and the Girl Guides hut on the left. Or you turn left along the walking trail before the bridge and there is trail run I will describe elsewhere. Eventually you come onto Quarter Sessions Road Westleigh after about 1.8km. When you come out of the bush at Timbarra turn left in to Quarter Sessions Road. (For a short 6 you can run up the hill and turn in to Duffy Road and head back along the railway line to Pennant Hills.)

For a longer run you can take a line along the edge of ridge by keep taking left turns and you come back on to Quarter Sessions Road at about 5 km. To do this left out of Timbarra in to Quarter Sessions Road and left again in to Duneba. Keep on this right along the end of the ridge including a left hand turn where it joins Elouera. Eventually turn left into Westleigh and left into Elouera including its sharp right hand corner then left into Eucalyptus and then right into Corang after a short sharp rise. This road joins Quarter Sessions Road at about 5 km.

If you want to do 13 km turn left and run 1.5 km out and back and down and up the long hill to Western Cresent on the left hand side. Come back past Corang , past Philip Ruddock Park on the right to the round about at the corner of Duffy Road (3.5 km to go for both the 10 and 13km run). Turn left down Duffy Road for a km and then right into the Esplanade which turns in to Yararara Road. Follow this past Thornleigh and Pennant Hills Station turn right in to Pennant Hills Road run up to the service station turn right into Trebor Road ( Robert Backwards!)and right into Weemala Road These loops make 9.4 and 12.4. if you turn right into Greycliffe cross Ramsay and run to the end of Maple at the junction of Stevens Road you will have a 10 or 13 km run. This does sound confusing but with a map it is a good hilly run.

Map Reference

I have a 1994 Street Directory Sydway 1994 Map 114: D19 Weemala Road and Greycliffe Ave Pennant Hills is the start and you loop back.

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