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The Basics

  • Penrith Valley is just under an hour west from either the Sydney CBD or Sydney Airport. It features a highly attractive natural setting on the picturesque Nepean River at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The lifestyle is marked by a harmony of urban and rural lifestyle.
  • More on Penrith from Wikipedia

Runs through or from Penrith

Tench Reserve / Nepean River

A nice scenic loop track runs along the banks of the Nepean River on both the East and West banks. This track has river crossings made up of the Great Western Highway and the M4 Freeway, with both of then having pathed footpaths to safely cross.

The circuit itself is a 7.5 KM loop with the Eastern side being primarily flat passing through Tench reserve and the Western Side is more undulating. Both sides provided extended sections of shade

Early morning runners will be sharing the Western side track with water dragons sunning themselves on open paths.

Parking at Tench reserve can be found at this link

Toilets are located in tench reserve and also on the North/Western Corner, however the Tench Reserve toilets are better

International Regatta Centre

The International Regatta Centre in Penrith provides a safe, traffic free 5KM lopping running path that encircles the main competition lake of the Centre itself, this lake was the venue for canoe/kayak during the Sydney Olympics.

This track is primarily flat and also has a separate cycling path to allow cyclists to train safely. Toilets are available as well as plenty of seating and shade for spectators. A good idea is to go there with family and get in a run while you are at it. Free BBQs are also provided for protien intake after your run :)

As the track completely encircles the main competition lake there is no shade, so make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen. Although, taps are located at convenient intervals for those hot days.

A link can be found here

Low traffic / well lit night run

A safe well lit off road pathway with very few street crossings:

Starting in the car park at Aqua Golf in Panthers (Good well lit car parking) head out to Mulgoa Road and turn left.

Down Mulgoa Rd and around the corner proceeding west along the GWH. The ambulance station is 1km

Heading west over the Victoria Bridge, the highway swings left, and the old house on the left is the 2km point.

Sticking on the highway, cross River Rd at the lights, the next 500m or so is on grass footpath, but is pretty even and well lit. Straight down to where the highway sweeps left opposite O'Donoughues pub, and cross the highway just around the corner. Not usually too much traffic, but a point to take care.

Sticking on the long straight stretch of highway, the traffic lights in front of the high school is 3k. Sweeping right at the Melrose Hall and proceeding west along the highway still, past the sporting fields, the old school house on the right is 4k.

Crossing pyramid street and proceeding still onthe highway past the shopping centre until the traffic lights at Russell Street (4.8km). Crossing and heading up the hill alongside the highway Brougham cross street is 5k. Up the hill and turn around where the street lights end is 5.6k,

Returning gives a full journey of 11.2. There is a small group leaves 6:30pm Fridays at something around 4:45 pace.

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