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Potential new CoolGear

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This is a list of items that have been suggested at some stage for our CoolGear - no promises that everything will ever be made though!

List in likely order - most likely first!


Bumper Stickers

I have received a couple of quotes for some funky vinyl bumper stickers that could be put on a car or used outside (or even inside) but haven't progessed. Am thinking of the CoolRunning Logo with URL. Will probably give them free to people that make a donation when buying CoolRunning Gear or send a few to people who donate. Read this thread for more details.

Status - it's going to happen - See this thread for latest updates


Maybe something like this or this ?

Status - don't know it's only just be suggested in June 2007.


See this thread for latest updates

Casual Top

Suitable for wearing to work in an office. Not even any discussion to date!


I have always wanted to have a Tyvek jacket in CoolRunning colours - I have a couple from the USA that are just soooo cooool. However a custom design is more expensive. This is more a long-term dream so don't get excited!Read this thread for more details.

Status - No progress - still all talk and no action.


Well, socks made the list, but don't hold your breath! I suspect you need to get them made in hundred or thousands of pairs and suspect that white is the go and different colours would be expensive. at the end of the day most people wear the shirt ankle socks and 90% are submerged in a shoe so do we really need CR socks ?

Status : No progress - still all talk and no action.

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