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Previous Gear Projects

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Back in 1997 Ian Kemp produced a line of Tshirts (20 or so in total) for Albion Park Little Athletics Club - you could call it sponsorship in a way - for some competition they were running in. (Ian's kids ran with the club at the time). Kevin Tiller & Ian Kemp managed to secure one each (and somehow so did Plu, but not sure how !):

Albion Park 1997 - front
Albion Park 1997 - back

There was a long gap where there were no shirts at all, other than the odd shirt that made its way to Australia from CoolRunning USA:

USA 1998 - front
USA 1998 - back

In February 2003, "Niftyone" couldn't wait for the official line of gear and started to make his own:

Niftyone 2003 - front
Niftyone 2003 - back

The rejected designs for the current phase are listed here:

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