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Although most races on the CoolRunning Calendar have a website that is managed by the race, there are some events that don't have one. Also most clubs listed on the CoolRunning Clubs lists have their own websites, but not all of them.

Race directors or Club officials can create their own website here, for free, or keen runners can create their own "unofficial" race/club websites here (note that any logged in CoolRunner can edit these pages - read our Frequently Asked Questions for more info). If you are an organiser of a race or a club that wants a dedicated website (that no one else can edit) then see what CoolRunning can offer here.

Feel free to use this page as a good way to collaboratively edit lists of attendees at Social events etc.


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CoolRunning 5km Challenges

Coolrunner Roll Call (runners and cheersquad people) and Goal Times at Various Races

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