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Australian Running Blogs

The order has been established from the discussion above where bloggers announced their blog to the world, or had it announced for them.

To read the blog click the word blog. The highlighted name has a picture of the blogger.

A Midweek Summary is posted to the CoolRunning Blog Thread by a volunteer CoolRunner.

You can also use Bloglines to aggregate blogs and just get recent updates. There are instructions in this post. While the Blogger address works automatically and others have to provide it. Put the feed next to your name below.

If your use Blogger, Blogspot has instructons on how to back up your blog. Here are the INSTRUCTIONS

If you are doing a Midweek Summary, you just have to write a few lines about what each of the bloggers in one of the teams has been up to in the past week (or more if you like). More teams will be added to the list as neccessary. Here are the teams:

  • Team H

  • Team M
    • Scott Brown's Blog
    • Isabelle's Blog
    • Mat's Blog
    • Two Fruits' Blog
    • Running Widows' Blog
    • Nando's Blog
    • Anth's Blog
    • Sook54/s Blog
    • Talicca's Blog
    • The Slow & The Furious aka Sling Runner Blog
    • Paul Arthur's Blog
    • Wombatoutofhell"s Blog
    • Kocxy's Blog Blog
    • Add your blog to this team!

Other Running Blogs

General Blog Info

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