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Snake Gulch

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Snake Gulch is a short track which follows a valley between Montview and Somerville Roads.

Start at the corner of Galston Road and Montview Roads. Run along Montview Road past the playground and then run across the gravel car park behind the playground. Run past the green fire gate, and down a slight incline for several hundred metres. When the track opens up, take the right turn. The track to the left leads to dirt bike bumps and then a dead end. Follow the right hand track which will start to bend to the left. Where the track crosses the creek, the small track to the right leads to the scout hall about 200m away but this track is very narrow and overgrown. Follow the track to the left, watching out for snakes in summer - the creek on the left is full of frogs and the snakes come for a drink and a snack. At the Y intersection, take the left fork, and a bit later there are some rock pools on the left full of tadpoles. The track then starts to rise, and there are plenty of wildflowers here in spring. Follow the track until it levels out and then reaches a sharp downhill with a sewer pipe. It is still possible to run down here although the track becomes fainter. There is then a very steep uphill for about 50m before the track levels off and finds some backgardens. Follow the track to a fern lined stream, touch the big red gum and go back. It should take about 12-15mins at most to reach this point.

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