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Start of project - Apr-2005

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I first got the idea for recycling running shoes after I saw this photo in (I think) The Sydney Morning Herald in 2003. There was also a thread on the CoolRunning Messageboards - I am one of the administrators of that website. The thread definitely inspired me to think seriously about Recycled Runners (the name came in a flash and I think I registered the domain name then).

Needless to say nothing much happened for a couple of months until I arranged to go to Vanuatu for the Round Island Relay. Allan, our Vanuatu-born travel agent, had spent a long time telling me about the race and Island. He'd mentioned that many runners in the race there went bare-feet as they couldn't afford running shoes, and in about April, a few months before I was going I decided to collect shoes to take - it seemed like such a perfect fit. He said that the people there would be very appreciative of the shoes.

We launched the Recycled Runners website on Thursday, May 19, 2005 with little fanfare and a bare bones website.

Most of the first shoes collected came from Sydney Striders and were collected at their 10km Series held monthly during June and July 2005. I received a few in the post and dropped off at my office or at home.

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