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Terrigal to Katandra via Ridgeway Road

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Level of difficulty



Road/Trail. Lots of Hills. Offroad through Katandra offers bush/rainforest type terrain.

Drinks/Toilet Stops

Drink stop opposite the Ridgeway Road turnoff on Tumbi Umbi Road. It is a tap at the front of a property. Careful of the jumping ants and a good idea to let the tap run for a short time in case of any creepy crawlies.

Drink stop on the corner of Toilet blocks at Paul Oval. Toilets are not open though unless an organised sport is in duration at the oval. The drinking fountain is on the outside of the toilet block, fortunately.

Drink stop (tap) behind fence on the corner of the Entrance Road and Arundel Road where Central Coast Grammar School is located.

Drink stop (tap) at shops on the corner of Serpentine Road and The Entrance Road.

Other Useful Info: Leeches and mosquitoes when wet. Possibility of snakes during the warmer months.


Free at Terrigal SLSC.

Getting There

From Sydney take the Gosford turnoff on the F3 freeway. Follow the road through Gosford until you come to a huge intersection where the road you are on (The Entrance Road) crosses Terrigal Drive. Turn right onto Terrigal Drive and follow this road until you come to Terrigal Beach. Free parking is on the left, alongside the Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club.


This is by far my favourite run as it has got some good quality running in it. A mixture of easy road running, some road undulations, some large hill climbs (the largest 1.2km long) on Ridgeway Road (fondly referred to as “The Rollercoaster”) before hitting the Katandra trails.

Through Katandra also offers a mixture of hill climbs, steps and descents through magnificent bush where we saw two wallabies fighting a couple of weekends ago (scared the pants of us!). Also common to see goannas, so don’t stand around looking like a tree if you can help it. Coming out of Katandra there’s some crosscountry running along fencelines and paddocks to get back to the main roads then heading back to Terrigal via sealed roads.

Run Directions

Starting from Terrigal SLSC Car park, head up Terrigal Drive towards the lagoon. Turn left at the roundabout, onto Ocean View Drive and across the bridge over the lagoon.

About 2 km along turn right onto Wairakei Road, just past Wamberal Lagoon. Turn right onto Matawai Ave, Left onto Bluebell drive and left onto Pitt Road. There are some shops directly in front of you. Run across the shops here. At the front of the shops are some taps.

Continue along The Entrance Road, heading North towards Tumbi Umbi. Turn left onto Tumbi Umbi Road.

Run along Tumbi Umbi Road for about 4km until you see The Ridgeway Road on the left. Be careful on these roads as there is little room in places for both car and runner! Head up Ridgeway Road. The first climb is about 1200m and you may start to wonder if it ever ends. Continue along Ridgeway Road until you come across a STOP sign. Turn right here. A few hundred metres down this road and you will see the trail entrance to Katandra.

Just when you thought “thank goodness, no more hills” you will come across a bit of climbing at the start of this trail run. Follow “Toomeys Walk” and it will eventually take you down to the Ranger’s Hut at the bottom of Katandra. If you come across an alternative track “Graves Walk” you can follow this and it will lead you to the same place. However, DON’T follow Mouat Walk or you will end up at Rumbalara and increase your run back by about 10km!

Come out onto a sealed road just past the Ranger’s Hut and turn right. Follow the road down to the end. It will seem like a No Through Road, however as you get closer you will see a small path alongside the fenceline of the property in front. Follow this path. You will run through a bit of forest, keeping right when you see a fork in the path. A few minutes later you will come out into an open paddock. Run directly across the paddock where you can climb through a gate and you are at Paul’s Oval. There is a drinking fountain here, alongside the toilet block.

Run across Paul’s oval. On the left is a road called “Wattle Tree Road”. On the right is another path through some bushland. Follow this path which leads you to the bottom of Arundel Road. Run up to the top of Arundel Road. On the right is a small fence and a green box. Alongside is a tap if you need a drink.

Turn left at the intersection of Arundel and The Entrance Road. Run along The Entrance Road until you come to a small roundabout, and some shops at the intersection of Serpentine Road. There is a tap at these shops too. Turn right onto Serpentine Road and follow the road all the way back to Terrigal Drive. Turn left at Terrigal Drive and follow this road all the way back to the SLSC carpark at Terrigal.

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