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People who have helped

Many thanks to the following for helping in some way or other - it is greatly appreciated (no parrticular order, generally new additions go to the bottom of the list):

  • Air Vanuatu (website) - for allowing us to transport 100 pairs of shoes as excess baggage without charging us.
  • Air Niugini (website) - for arranging transport for over 130 pairs of shoes to Port Moresby.
  • Fiji & Pacific Holidays (website) - specifically Allan Kalfabun for doing the legwork to get customs clearance on the 100 pairs of shoes into Vanuatu.
  • Vanuatu Tourism Office (website) - for arranging customs clearance paperwork for 100 pairs of shoes.
  • Sydney Striders (website) - for letting me send emails to the club's members and making announcements at their 10km series. Of course, in addition to this, many of their members also donated stockpiles of shoes.
  • Hannah Broom (website) - for designing our professional looking logo.
  • Ewan Horsburgh (website) - for designing our link to us buttons.
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