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Tourist Trot Harbourside

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Run Summary

Click here for bigger scale map
  1. The run is a circuit, so in theory you can start and finish anywhere. If you download the map, you can even work out where to take a shortcut if you don't want to or can't manage the full run.
  2. These instructions start at the eastern end of Circular Quay (that's the right hand end). We have selected here to start as there is food, drink and toilets available.
  3. Starting at Circular Quay, follow the walkway around to the Opera House. Usually you can stick to the water's edge and go RIGHT AROUND the Opera House (ie keep left). You might deviate the run to run up the opera House steps and then back down again.
  4. Once you have done the Opera House follow the route through the Botanic Gardens (free entry but the gates are generally open only during daylight hours, which vary from time to time during the year).
  5. In general opening hours are: Opening and closing hours :November-February: 7 am–8 pm, March & October: 7 am–6.30 pm, April & September: 7 am–6 pm, May & August: 7 am–5.30 pm, June & July: 7 am–5 pm.
  6. Follow the path around Farm Cove, keeping the water to your left the whole time unless you want to deviate to check out the rest of the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Continue all the way around to Mrs Maquaries Chair, then keep following the path immediately by the water's edge. eventually you come up the road by Boy Charlton Pool.
  7. Follow the road until you cross over the expressway, then you can turn immediately right by the cafe and run a loop of the domain. There is one of those small courses where you can do push-ups and pull-ups etc that you can follow.
  8. When you have done a lap of the domain (only about 500 metres or so), re-join the road and cross over the main junction and enter Hyde Park. Hyde Park is crossed by Park St (a busy road). Continue across Park Street, until you reach the end of Hyde Park (it's pretty small and will only take a couple of minutes to run through).
  9. The main road at the end is Liverpool St, turn right here, and follow it down to Darling Harbour. Go into Darling Harbour and track right under the freeway tangle, and past the Convention Centre. There is a pedestrian footbridge crossing back to the City, called Pyrmont Bridge - the monorail crosses here also, so its quite easy to see.
  10. Cross over Pyrmont Bridge, and then the overpass over a freeway. At street level take a left along Sussex Street, which eventually becomes Hickson Rd - this is the industrial-looking end of the CBD, but eventually you get to Pier One and the superb views across the harbour. Go under the Harbour Bridge, but then take a walkway path to you left so that you stick to the waters edge and go in front of the big hotel. Follow the water's edge past the restaurants to the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Often you can still keep to the waters edge, but sometimes you can't (I presume it depends if there is a ship in or not).
  11. Keep following round till you get back to Circular Quay where you started from!

Run Distance

Approx 10-12km


As flat as you can get in Sydney!

Water Stations

There are numerous water taps, and bubblers around, but also plenty of places to stop and buy a drink.


There are toilets at Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, the Opera House and the Domain.

Run Route Details

  • PDF version of map : pdfbutton.gif here
  • MS-WORD version of map : wordbutton.gif here
  • Any tourist map will also cover this area.
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