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Back to Adelaide

Park at the Fullarton Road entrance to the Waite Institute (near corner of Cross Road and Fullarton). Run up through the Waite, until you come to Waite Road. Turn right, and then turn left up Hartly Road. This turns into a dirt track and you'll see a sign for Wild Dog Glen.

At this point you can either:

  • go right, hopping over the style, which gives you a flattish course behind Springfield and into the back of Carrick Hill. Follow the road past Carrick Hill and either up to McElligots? Quarry or right down to Fullarton Road. Either way, return to the start point along Fullarton Road. Total about 7 kilometers
  • a tough run, go straight up the hill following a narrow path,and at the top turn right. This will take you eventually down into Brownhill Creek, where you can turn right and rejoin Fullarton Road, and back to the start. Total about 10 kilometers, with tough hills.
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