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  • There comes a time when most people who have been running for a year or two or longer, start to realise that most of the people that organise running races, magazines and generally organise our sport etc are virtually all active runners and that there are no government committees, newspapers or anyone else that actually cares about the sport (in any useful way) other than the participants themselves.
  • At some point later, it might strike you as a good idea to do your share and help out the running community in some way. We know that everyone is busy, but often people can be a great help just by working at home on their computer just an hour or two per week - it need not be a massive input of work.
  • The Activism @ CoolRunning section here aims to suggest, prompt or point out various ways in which people can lend a helping hand to the Sport. Feel free to dive in and contact the nominated representative.

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