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*[ Sports Mind]
*[ Sports Mind]
*[ Sports Science (General)]
*[ Sports Science (General)]
== Nutritional Products ==
*[ Food & Nutrition Australia]
*[ Leppin]
*[ Powerbar]
*[ Verofit Sports Drinks]
*[ Vitargo Carboloader]
== Running Holidays ==
== Running Holidays ==

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We are pleased to offer the following list of Running Links, which we believe is the most comprehensive list of Australian Running links that can be found anywhere. In general we do not list overseas links as we are not trying to be like Yahoo.


Running Clubs

Little Athletics & Children's/Schools Running

State and/or National Organisations

Olympics, Paralympics & Commonwealth Games

Masters & Veterans Running

Professional Running

Athletes & People

Coaches & Trainers incl Group Training

Training Programs

Medical & Healing

Running Holidays

Magazines and Bookstores

Running Shops

Running Shoe Manufacturers

(Australian links listed only - Generic Shoe Links are here)


Generic Running Products

Running/Endurance Podcasts & Videos

Misc Other

mailinglists Australian eMailing Lists

There are many email-lists relating to specific clubs or races, so they aren't listed here. The following is a more general list. Browse others here.

  • Inside Athletics - Weekly Digest
  • Athletics Australia - Media releases, news, results (not a dissscussion list)
  • Cathy Freeman - A "fan" email list about Cathy Freeman.
  • CoolRunning WebWatch - A near-daily newsletter containing links to media articles relating to Australian athletics, to save you hunting for them yourself.
  • CoolRunning NZ - The Cool Running list is a mailing list specifically for running and athletics in New Zealand. The aim of the list is to provide a forum for New Zealand athletes, officials and coaches to share information, news, results and to help each other. It can also be used to exchange info about the exploits of NZ athletes overseas.
  • OZTrack - Australian Track & Field discussion list - a good way to get the inside news (fairly large volume - 6 posts approx per day)
  • ProRunner - Information and discussion list about the Australian Professional Running scene
  • Victorian Cross Country League - Information (mainly results and fixtures) from the Victorian Cross-Country League

Race Directors

Other / Worldwide

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