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Canberra Marathon

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Next Race : 15th April 2007

This is not the official Canberra Marathon website, which can be found at The official website is clearly the best place to go for the offical view on any and all details regarding the event.


General Info

  • The Canberra Marathon is probably the longest running "big city" Marathon in the country to be organised by the same group, on basically the same course since 1974. It is an extremely well-organised event : Race Director Dave Cundy is ably-assisted by the ACT Cross Country Club and he is so well-regarded that he was even the Race Organiser of the Olympic Marathon in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and course measurer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
  • The next Canberra Marathon will be held on Sunday 15th April 2007 starting 7am and will be held in conjunction with the Marathon Eve 5km and 10km events, starting Saturday 14th April at 3.00pm (5km), and 4.00pm (10km). As always, there will be the 50km ultramarathon that is the same as the marathon race for the first 42km with the additional distance to be completed after finishing the marathon.
  • You may well question, why do we have a CoolRunning-version of the Canberra Marathon website ? Well, we started our version well before the race had its own official website (in fact, for a period, Canberra Marathon did contract CoolRunning to be the official website). We just decided to keep collating information and of course we post all the media releases sent to us, which will be gathered here for ease of reference.

Race Contact

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