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We are pleased to be able to offer a range of running gear for all runners, walkers and supporters to purchase and wear so we can all be identified out training or at races and events.



See here for Cool Gear Designs.


We have numerous photos of CoolRunners wearing their gear as examples: See our photo gallery!


We are using HotDesigns as the manufacturer for the main clothing items and so the gear is the best quality Coolmax-type fabric available - most runners usually have plenty of cheap stuff - this has been design to race/ train in - including the cap which is lightweight mesh etc. The colours are dyed onto the fabric using a special sublimation process and although they are not quite guaranteed for life, they should not fade and will last a very very long time. Pricing is as follows:

  • Singlet - $45
  • Shorts - $55
  • Croptop / Bratop - $45
  • Tshirt - $55
  • Long Sleeve Training Top - $65
  • Adventure/ Ultra/ Triathlon / Cycling top - $80
  • Sleeveless Adventure/ Ultra/ Triathlon / Cycling top (Tshirt style & sleeveless style)- $80
  • Cap - $25
  • Sun Visor - $20
  • Buffs - $30
  • Tattoos (pack of 10, 63x38mm) - $6
  • Bumper stickers (set of 3 the same, 51x204mm) - $6

Please note that these costs are inclusive of postage/packing. These prices are virtually what it costs to make and send and so CoolRunning makes very little on top (basically prices are rounded up to the nearest $5).

The cap, in particular, is perfect for those people who wear club colours and don't want to appear unsupportive of their club : wearing the CoolRunning Cap would allow them to wear their club kit but still show support for CoolRunning.


  • The Long Sleeves are a unisex cut and are available as XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL where the female equivalent is F8=XXS, F10=XS, F12=S, F14=M, F16=L.
  • Extra special note on Tritops - as Triathlon gear is cut to a different template than running gear, it comes up smaller and tighter. In general you should move up at least one size depending on taste.
  • Caps and sun visors are one-size-fits-all with an adjustable velcro strap.


What's in stock

How to order

  • You can order by downloading this form, printing it out and posting or faxing it to the address shown (payment by cheque or credit card): PDF File or MS-WORD File


  • Delivery will be via post, the pricing includes post/packing. We post items once a week so in theory you will get your stuff within 2 weeks of ordering. We will contact you if item is out of stock. If you have any special requests then let us know by emailing


  • Any queries about the gear should be directed to CoolRunning

Returns Policy

  • If any item is faulty we will guarantee to replace it for the same item/same size and we will pay for postage back/forth to replace it.
  • If we send you an item in the wrong style or size (ie we made a mistake) then we will guarantee to replace it for the correct item that you ordered and we will pay for postage back/forth to replace it.
  • If you have ordered gear that is too big/small when you try it on, we guarantee to replace it for one of the correct size, however you have to pay the postage to send yours back and then we will pay the postage to send you the new one (ie the costs are split 50:50). Note we won't send you a replacement until we receive yours. The item you send back must not have been worn out running ie try it on when you are clean/dry to make sure its ok before you run in it.
  • If you purchase an item, but decide you don't like it when you wear it, we will exchange it for any item that is the same price or cheaper, if you haven't worn it out running.
  • We guarantee to make sure you have stuff that fits, even if we have to order extra (but we can't guarantee the timeline for how long though - depends on what we have left).

Ideas for additional gear

There is always some discussion about Potential new CoolGear.

Previous Gear Projects

Strictly speaking, and for historical accuracy, there have been a couple of CoolRunning Gear projects previously - read about them here. (Includes some of the rejected designs)

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