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CoolRunning Perth 5km Challenge

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Basic Details

  • Where - somewhere in perth
  • What - 5km run around perth (you decide your own handicap).
  • Time - Meet before 7am, usually the fastest runner does a countdown and you go off what pace you think you might do or want to push for. First runners - the 35min group start at 6:55am, the 30min group start at 7:00am, 25min group at 7:05am, 20min group at 7:10, 15min group at 7:15am etc. Listen to the starter who will be calling start times.
  • Contact - none - just front up. No fees.
  • Terrain - car-free un-sealed path. Maybe a few other runners.
  • Uni Loop The Uni Loop is a 2.2km running track that has markers every 200m. The start of the run is at the 1600m marker (clockwise) as we run anti-clockwise and the 5k consists of 600m plus 2 laps.not yet added and not yet added

More details

  • All welcome - You can run or walk 5k or cheer on those that are.
  • At the finish (self-timed) people have a quick chat and walk (200m) to a cafe on Melbourne St but you needn't stay.


Challenge Results

Date: x/09/08

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