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Please stop and read this

We are in the process of moving photo galleries - we want to provide more functionality to all of our members (at the same free price!) and also ensure your precious photos are even more secure (previous photo gallery was hacked a few times). Please bear with us.

Link for the new gallery

Please use this link - If you want to upload photos you need to login as with a password of coolphotosrus. Amongst the cool new features are:

  • When logged in, you can upload unlimited numbers of photos in original sizes ie 2-3Mb per photo. No need to save to smaller sizes. Go on hit it hard!
  • You can "tag" photos with your name, race name etc and then use this to search from the photo gallery homepage.
  • Anyone can create folders for each upload.
  • No one can delete photos
  • You can pay to have photos printed on paper, cd/dvd or even a range of gift ideas/books etc (CoolRunning in theory makes a very small profit on each item).
  • Downloads of original sized photos are free.
  • Better/faster upload tools
  • a migration tool from picasa albums

Link for the old gallery

If you still need or want to browse our old gallery, you can - Please use this link - If you used to have an account to login to for the old gallery then this will have been deleted - we are keen that only the new gallery is used for uploading.

Your Feedback Wanted

Please let us know the good, bad or ugly of the new gallery - tips, problems etc :

Calls for help

  • We have a large task to migrate photos from the old to the new gallery. If you can re-upload your photos to the new gallery, please do so then let us know (via this link) so we can remove from the old gallery (you won't have access).
  • If you are a tech geek and can work out how to migrate photos from gallery2 to smugmug we would love you to contact us (via this link).
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