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What is a podcast ?

A Podcast is bascially an audio file that can be downloaded and played whenever you want to listen to it. You can play it on your PC or on a music playing device - MP3 player, iPod or whatever. In effect it is like a radio program. CoolRunning is just trying out some examples to see whether to do anything in the longer term. Some CoolRunners will listen to these on their commute to work, at the gym, on a bike or even out running. Technically a Podcast will have a subscription mechanism (usually RSS) that will download all new updates for you - we don't have that yet, you need to come back to this page to see if there is anything new added.


To play a podcast click on the links below. Usually you will be asked to play direct from CoolRunning (this is called streaming) or save it to your pc so you can oplay it later or copy to an iPod or other mp3 player (you choose). If you are unable to play mp3 files, then a free player can be downloaded from many different websites and installed onto your pc - but here are two examples of good ones: Winamp or MusicMatch.

Running & other Endurance Podcasts

CoolRunning Podcasts


Gold Coast Half Marathon:



Canberra Marathon: some podcasts by Courtly Love on the course at the 10km, 26km turnaround and 40km (all the same spot) and an assortment of interviews:


Six Foot Track 2006: some podcasts by Plu while on the course:


Various interviews from 2005 Coast to Kosciuszko :


Various interviews from 2005 Central Coast Half Marathon :


Various interviews from 2005 Fitzroy Falls Firetrails Marathon


Various interviews from 2005 Melbourne Marathon:


Horrie running in the Sydney City to Surf *Horrie (36s)


Various interviews from 2005 Gold Coast Marathon (53mins 27secs total)



  • Not a podcast, but there was an interview with Sean Greenhill on CoolRunning, being interviewed on radio about ultramarathons. Added here to complete the CoolRunning Audio archive.
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