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If you have some shoes to donate and you have followed these simple preparation steps then you can donate your shoes at the following locations:


New South Wales - Sydney

  1. You can drop shoes off at the Foot Point Shoe Clinic at 563 Military Road, Mosman, NSW 2088, phone 02-9960-7986, email - Lower North Shore region.
  2. You can drop shoes off at the Sydney Striders 10km Series each month - generally northern Sydney.
  3. You can drop shoes off at the Sydney Marathon Clinic Series each month - western Sydney.
  4. Failing that we can do pickups in the Sydney CBD - please contact us for details.

Victoria - Melbourne

  1. You can drop shoes off at the Pelican Park Recreation Centre (contact the Centre Manager Michelle Barnes on (03) 5950- 1752 or email


Please contact Margot McGiness on 0402-851-889 for details.

Tasmania - Launceston

Newstead Harriers, a running club in the Launceston area, will start collecting shoes soon. The best contact for them is via the details on the CoolRunning Clubs page.

Other Places eg start your own collection

We are keen for people to collect shoes in other places, and we will then list you (above) on this page. The Steps are:

  1. Start by collecting your own shoes and all your friends and family and your work mates and your local running groups.
  2. We don't have any money nor infrastructure so we would just ask that collect as many pairs as you can store, and when you have too many, contact us or work out how to transport them to Sydney (we will pickup from within Sydney) or find someone to "sponsor" the cost.
  3. Then post us what you have collected. Yes, that might cost some money - unless you can pass them on to someone to bring to Sydney by hand - we can arrange to pick up. Or if you can find someone to pay for the postage to Sydney (might be easier, but maybe not).
  4. We have secured an outlet that can take as many shoes as we can muster, so they will all get distributed to needy people in the Asia-Pacific area.
  5. Please contact us if you are keen to help.

If all else fails ....

Send them to us by post (sorry you'll have to cover this cost):

  • Under 20 pairs - please post to GPO Box 2473, Sydney, NSW 2001 - cost is about $5 per pair but can send a few pairs for under $10.
  • For more than 20 pairs, contact us for an alternate address.
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