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Back to Queensland

As a South Australian, this was my first experience running in Queensland. I was staying with inlaws and did not have transport of my own to join runners in Brisbane, so had to find my own routes. Fortunately there is a very progressive Counsillor on the Lowood City Council who has been responsible for buindling a bike path/ running track connecting the three small towns of Fernvale, Lowood and Tarampa.

The run follows country roads. However there is no need to venture on to the roads. This makes for a very safe and worry free run.

I found that the best time to run here was 4.30am, still cool, just before sunrise. In the morning most of this track is shaded by nearby hills. Another good time was evening - when a cool change had arrived.

Rural scenery and moderate undulations are the attractions of this run. The track starts at the Tarampa Pub and finishes as you reach Fernvale.

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