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Mt Kosciuszko Marathon 2007 results

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  • Start 8am in Charlotte Pass (1780m), temp 4C sunny.
  • Runners in winter gear - shorts but long sleeves and gloves
  • After running up, the temperature was dropping with fresh snow in grass on top of Mt Kosciuszko (2228m) and very cold.
  • Half Marathon finishing at turnaround point, full marathoners ran second time to the summit with temp still cld.
  • David Criniti which can run a martahon in approx 2:20, was first all the way and finished in 3:07 a new race record. Twice to top of Australia in nice sunny but cold day.
  • Discussion on 2007 event on CoolRunning including photos and race reports
  • See you next year

Dusan Hora

Marathon Results

1David Criniti29Sydney NSW3.07.35
2Carl Barker48Niagra Park NSW3.11.31
3Trevor Fairhurst37Canberra ACT3.20.55
4Milton Valentine54Canberra ACT3.42.10
5Adrian Sym40Scotland/Nepal3.46.00
6Wayne Gregory49Sydney NSW3.52.30
7Steve Guest45Blue Haven NSW3.56.05
8Robert Ey48Canberra ACT3.57.02
9Roger Pilkington49Canberra ACT3.57.42
10Bob McNaught59Brisbane QLD4.18.10
11Dusan Hora62Dee Why NSW5.24.01

Half Marathon Results

1Ray Wareham41Epping NSW1.27.30
2Craig Berger33Newtown NSW1.56.55
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