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Pain In The Domain

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Back to Sydney, Sydney CBD & Inner City

  • When - every Tuesday lunchtime from 12:50pm to 1:30pm
  • Where - corner of The Domain closest to the NSW State Library, Sydney CBD
  • What - A series of sprints from about 50m, average 150-200m, longest 730m(ish) in a 6k fartlek session. Elapsed time approx 26-32 min.
  • Contact - none - just front up. No fees.
  • Terrain - grass & road, flat and hills, even stairs .
  • All welcome - so long as you can run 6k ... and there are plenty of short cuts!
  • Number of groups vary from 4 to 6 depending on how many turn up & speed. Go with what ever group takes your fancy - the earlier the group, the faster it will be (in theory). There is a leader for each group, that rotates depending on who turns up. Each group leaves the start at about 1min gaps, group 1 being the fastest - can be a very tough run depending on how hard you run your sprints.
  • Group 3 would suit a A 40min 10k runner
  • Group 2 completes the 6km in about 28mins, including jog recoveries
  • Group 1 completes the 6km in about 26mins, including jog recoveries
  • There are 14 sprints, the lengths vary a little depending on who is leading each group, but give or take a few metres are:
  1. 150m (path flatish)
  2. 200m (grass down then up)
  3. 90m (grass up)
  4. 130m (grass down)
  5. 150m (flat path)
  6. 100m (grass flat)
  7. 170m (grass very up)
  8. 130m (flat path)
  9. 730m (flat path waterfront)
  10. 75m (stairs!)
  11. 140m (grass flat)
  12. 235m (mainly up grass)
  13. 200m (path steep uphill)
  14. 200m (path flat/up)
  15. for a total of 6k.
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