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Race Directors

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Race directing is a fairly difficult task, only attempted by those people with thick-skins and great patience. As race directors ourselves, CoolRunning wants to help prospective Race Directors get started, or provide further information for those who already are. (Another good article here, although mainly about Triathlons).


All-in-one Shops

The easiest way of putting on a running event is let someone do it for you - the whole works - below is a list of organisations that provide the complete race package (most will also do bits and pieces if not the whole thing) :

DIY - Do it Yourself

If you decide to organise an event your self, then there is a good website from the NSW Government about who you need to talk to: There is a website here that has some good info:

If your event is on a road, or affects flow of traffic on a road, then you will need to contact the RTA:

In general you need to sumit traffic management plans that can only be submitted by a registered traffic-plan-submitter.

(The above 2 links relate to NSW but assume other Australian States have something similar).

Event Photography Services

The most common service is race photographers - where they turn up and photograph all your competitors and sell them the photos - this is generally free to the event:

On-line Registration systems

Timing Services


It seems like the new growth industry within races is to assist runners in raising funds for charity:

Other Miscellaneous services

Other Race Directing Links of Interest

Other race-directing links you might find useful :

More ?

We don't know everything, so please pass any good race directing links by raising a helpdesk ticket.

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