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Six Foot Track 2005

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  • Date of race 12th March 2005
  • Race website is
  • To add your CR name use the "Edit Page" option

CR NamePrevious six foots runCR gearStateComment
RMC1CR singletVICwill be there for my 2nd 6 foot track.
Plu0CR singlet or Tri top and capNSWThis will be my first event and I am running Quarry Road as much as I can.
James M2TBANSWHoping for sub 5 1/2 hrs.
Kevin Tiller8The WorksNSWNot running - volunteering to help
Dawn Tiller7Singlet/CapNSWAiming for 3:55-4:25
vat_man0CapNSWHoping for around 4:30 or better
green machine11NoneNSW4-30 to 4-45
MPHaz0Not sure yetNSW4-30 - 5:00
wombatface1CR cap, maybe singletACT5:59:59
Horrie0CR capNSW6:00
Wilbur's on the road again0 Singlet NSW SUB 4.30 BUT VERY apprehensive of what's in store.
Kelvin13NoneVICSub 4.15
danieljohngreen0SingletNSWAiming for sub 3:30, bring on the hills
O Runner0CapNSW5:30-6:00, long hit out as part of Canberra prep
Gasher0singletNSWFinish in 5:59/one piece!!
Spud3CR Tritop and CapNSWSub 5hrs
Sportsman0UndiesNSWAim 4:47 Happy with 5:15
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