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Sydney Marathon Information
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Sydney Marathon - 2001 Results

2001 Results

28 October 2001


1. Damon Harris NZL/NSW 2:25:49
2. Mustapha Takieddine MAR/NSW 2:28:25
3. Devic Borislan AUS/NSW 2:29:11
4. Mark Guy AUS/TAS 2:40:33
5. Adam Jordan AUS/NSW 2:41:12
6. Scott Armstrong AUS/NSW 2:42:42
7. Damien Angus AUS/VIC 2:43:28
8. Sivaraj Manu AUS/NSW 2:45:58
9. Steve Moneghetti AUS/VIC 2:46:02
10. Chris Richards AUS/NSW 2:47:32

1. Krishna Stanton AUS/QLD 2:38:11
2. Sarah Mycroft AUS/NSW 2:56:27
3. Melissa Bulloch AUS/NSW 2:59:20
4. Lisa Muir AUS/NSW 3:01:57
5. Paula Crinnion AUS/NSW 3:06:05
6. Suzanne O'Brien AUS/NSW 3:08:40
7. Cindy King AUS/NSW 3:12:00
8. Bianca Van Woesik AUS/NSW 3:12:41
9. Lisa Barton AUS/QLD 3:14:50
10. Kerith Naylor AUS/NSW 3:15:17

1. Paul Nunnari AUS/NSW 1:43:35
2. Frederic Periac AUS/VIC 1:52:44

In her debut over the 42 kilometre run Krishna STANTON from Brisbane in Queensland took out the women's division of the Flora Sydney Marathon today. The 35-year-old mother led from the start and clocked a Commonwealth B qualifying time of 2hours 38 minutes 25 seconds. Remarkably STANTON, who only decided to run 12 weeks ago, finished in fourth place overall.

The first athlete across the line was New Zealand's Damon HARRIS followed by another marathon debutante Mustapha TAKIEDDINE from Morocco.

It was TAKIEDDINE who led the field out and had a 400m break at 17km but HARRIS caught him on the Anzac Bridge, approximately half way. HARRIS steadily built up his lead and finished some 400m clear of TAKIEDDINE in a personal best of 2hr 25:49. TAKIEDDINE clocked 2hr 28:25 with Devic BORISLAN the third athlete across the line in 2hr 29:11.

In the women's division STANTON was followed home by a jubilant Sarah MYCROFT (NSW) who performed cartwheels after slashing her personal best by some eighteen seconds with 2hr 56:27. Third was former Iron Man triathlete Melissa BULLOCH from Coffs Harbour in 2hr 59:20. The Flora Sydney Marathon was BULLOCH's comeback race after having a baby 14 months ago.

In the wheelchair race, Sydney Paralympian Paul NUNNARI (NSW) won the marathon in 1:43:35 from Melbourne's Frederic PERIAC who clocked 1:52:44.

There were approximately 6400 entries for the Sunday Telegraph 10km Bridge Run and 1600 in the Flora Sydney Marathon.

In news of high profile athletes, Japan's Olympic marathon champion Naoko TAKAHASHI ran the first 10km of the course and rejoined the field at the 25km mark before finishing at the Sydney Athletic Centre.

Australian Olympic marathon representative Lee TROOP (Vic) ran up to 85 minutes along the blue line before calling it a day at around the halfway point.

Australian marathon legend Steve MONEGHETTI (Vic) finished well inside his target of three hours when he clocked 2hr 46:02 for tenth place overall (ninth in the men's race).

The first ten placegetters in both the men's and women's marathon received prizemoney. The winners took home $1500 each while second place received $1000, third $750 and down to $100 for tenth place.

MONEGHETTI said it was the first time he had been on the course since the Sydney Olympic Games. "It was nice to relive the Olympic course," he said. "Sometimes in life you do great things and never get a chance to enjoy it. It was good to come back and run. I treated this as a Sunday morning run. Most of my future running will involve fun runs."

However the story of the day came in the women's marathon where STANTON rose to a challenge put to her by a friend to win her first ever race over the 42.195km distance. STANTON was challenged by close friend Kerith NAYLOR to tackle the Sydney Olympic marathon course. STANTON'S first run over the marathon course ranks her in the top 20 Australian's all-time. "Kerith was going to run and I said I would also but I only had 12 week's preparation," STANTON said. "My training consisted of five runs a week, once a day with no track sessions, no niggles and no pressure. I should have trained like this before."

STANTON took three months off after the 2000 Olympic trials (where she finished third in the 10 000m but missed selection in the team) and said she would have to think about any future runs over the marathon distance. "I was scared during the race because of the ease of my running," she said. "A fellow runner told me that once we got over the Anzac Bridge we had completed the worse bit but I thought the last three kilometres were the worse of the course. I wrote down on my sheet that I hoped to complete the race in three hours and this was the challenge for me because I have never before run a marathon."

Australian international and close friend of STANTON, Steve MONEGHETTI said that the run was a testament to STANTON's character. He said he had seen her twice at the 17 kilometre and 20 kilometre marks but she was in front of him and so focussed on her running that she didn't hear him call out.

10km - Bridge Run

1. Ben Du Bois (AUS/NSW) 29:53
2. Matt Kerr (CAN) 30:09
3. Barry Keem (AUS/NSW) 30:11
4. Adam Leane (AUS/ACT) 30:30
5. Chad Roberts (AUS/NSW) 30:52
6. Russell Dessaix-Chin (AUS/NSW) 31:03
7. Trent Harlow (AUS/NSW) 31:24
8. Robin Whitely (AUS) 31:26
9. Jeremy Horne (AUS/NSW) 31:29
10. Lennon Wicks (AUS/NSW) 31:35

1. Susie Power (AUS/VIC) 32:15
2. Belinda Martin (AUS/NSW) 34:58
3. Liz Miller (AUS/NSW) 35:33
4. Jenny Truscott (AUS/NSW) 36:16
5. Janelle Burgman (AUS/NSW) 36:21
6. Sarah Fien (AUS/NSW) 36:49
7. Kayolo Obata (JPN) 36:59
8. Kim Turnell (AUS) 37:00
9. Michelle O'Rourke (AUS/NSW) 37:52
10. Julia White (AUS/NSW) 37:54

1. Christie Skelton 28:41
2. Eliza Stakovic 31:23

1. Grant Buckley 26:09
2. Ronald Gibson 29:52
3. Patrick Baker 31:30

In-form Melbourne distance runner, Susie Power was a convincing winner in the women's section of the inaugural Sunday Telegraph 10km Bridge Run held today in Sydney. The 10km attracted around 6400 entries which was held in conjunction with the Flora Sydney Marathon. In the men's event three Wollongong-based athletes swept the race headed by Ben Du Bois.

Cheered on by her 10 month-old-son, Jai, Susie Power blitzed the women's field, clocking a stunning time of 32:15. After the race, Susie explained she could have run a lot faster time.

"The course was really quick and fast, but I cruised strongly as I've run 140km in a recent training week. The first 5km was mostly downhill and I know if I had pushed it, I could have run under 32 minutes quite easily. The atmosphere was great, particularly along Oxford Street, where people were just leaving the clubs."

Power defeated Sutherland Shire physiotherapist, Belinda Martin, who only returned to running in the last few years and has also been making an impression on the track in events as short as 1500m. Third place went to National 5000m champion, Liz Miller, who clocked 35:33.

Ben Du Bois, winner of the men's event has enjoyed his best season yet, placing in the NSW 12km cross country and 10km road championships during winter.

Ninth place-getter in the recent City to Surf, Du Bois was confident, before the start, that he could win. "I felt good during the race, although the hills gave me some trouble. (To win) I knew I had to get going after Taylor Square."

Second was Wollongong-based, Canadian National, Matt Kerr, who was 16 seconds behind the winner. Kerr, who recently moved to Australia to study at Wollongong University is a very talented distance runner, winning two NCAA (US College) 3000m steeplechase titles.

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