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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Lisa Ondieki Completes Comrades

Lisa Ondieki Completes Comrades

22 June 1998
Top Australian marathoner, Lisa Ondieki, who has numerous sub 2h 30 marathons to her name, told anyone who'd listen that she was going to experience the 90km Comrades Marathon, and that anyone who thought she'd be in contention for winning, would be sorely dissapointed.

Of course such simple reasoning was taken by the media that she just didn't want any pre-race pressure on her, and that she'd be right there come race day.

But she ran the race at her own pace with race number 10000, with a finishing time of 7:55 for 983rd position. She managed to slip in with hardly any of the media noticing, which it probably just the way this quiet Australian athlete would have wanted it.

Now she's had a taste of Comrades, we'll just have to see what her plans for future runs will be.

Bruce Fordyce, a previous champion and near living-legend in Comrades terms had this to say about Lisa :
" Lisa Ondieki has trained hard for the Comrades and will be running hard on the day. However her last competitive race was the 1996 Olympic marathon and she has been in a state of retirement for 18 months. She believes she is in 2:45 standard marathon shape. She has arrived fit and healthy and nervous. A drive over the course terrified her. I am delighted because a scared Comrades runner is a good and wise Comrades runner. I don't believe she is ready to win this year's Comrades but I expect her to come storming through in the end; courtesy of a slow, cautious start. I expect her to make the top 5 ladies and I believe this years run is an exploratory run and that she will return next year fired up and keen to do really well."

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