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This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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Serge Girard Attempting Trans-Australia record

Serge Girard Attempting Trans-Australia record

6 September 1999
French ultrarunner Serge Girard will leave Perth September 24 bound for Sydney in an attempt to set a new trans-Australian running record. "I plan to run across Australia from Perth to Sydney in 45 days -- from 24th September 1999 to 8th November 1999," he writes.

"In 1998, the American Jesse Riley ran across Australia from West to East thus achieving the best world performance in 63 days," Girard writes in a web site set up to record the run. "The 4,000-km course leading from Perth to Sydney is full of contrasts. It goesacross the Great Victoria Desert, Southern Australia, New Southern Wales and its Blue Mountains."

The web site says Girard plans to run about 80 kilometres a day, but the goals he outlines via e-mail imply a schedule of closer to 90 kilometres daily -- 4,000 kilometres in 45 days.

Girard, a financial consultant and father of three children, ran two of the Trans-America footraces organized by Jesse Dale Riley in th early 1990s.

Serge's Website

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