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Brindabella Classic Trail Run - 53km

Brindabella Classic Trail Run - 53km

near Canberra, 9 November 1997
Brindabella Entry Details

The 1997 Brindabella Classic was won by Colin Fray from Great Britain in a time of 3:49.24. Trevor Jacobs was second in a time of 3:51.56, his 10th Brindabella Classic. Third was Kelvin Marshall in 4:08.11, his fifth Brindabella Classic. Colin made up a deficit of more than two minutes from Trevor Jacobs at the final drink station, to power away with the race. This is Colin's second visit to Canberra in 1997. He completed the New Balance Canberra Marathon in April in 2:45.43. Trevor Jacobs in the same Marathon recorded 2:36.06 and then went on to be first runner home in the 50km Ultra.

The Female race winner was Pip Thorn, who improved on her 1996 time and placing to cross the line in 4:44.34 with Elizabeth Short only 12 seconds behind to cross the line in 4:44.46. These two ladies now become fifth and sixth respectively on the all time female race times. Sarah Fein, was third female in 4:57.59.

First to cross the line and first team was the Australian Defence Force team of Nathan Crowley, Miles Irvine, Frank Kresse and Dave Holland in a time of 3:34.22, with South Canberra Tuggeranong second team in a time of 3:37.54. This team, called "Seventh Heaven" consisted of Gordon Nightingale, Andrew Shaw, Michael McCamley and Geoff Monro.

The temperature in Canberra at 4 o'clock was 23 degrees. In the morning conditions were good because of cloud cover, which was forecast to clear by midday. It certainly did. Runners probably welcomed their arrival at the drink stations. After the run Drink Station Number 7 (Murray Darling Commission) was voted the best, with stations 9 (Andrew Gardner) and 3 (Jon Stanhope) taking second and third place in the voting. Fast Women won the all females team category for the second year in succession, although down on their good time of last year. Trevor Jacobs was awarded a platter for his 10th Classic, as was Bill Rannard. Six race Goblets were awarded to Richard Lane, Judd Boeker, Alf Field, Jenny Kiss, and Bob Dent.

Results and Provisional times as follows:- (Times were read off the clock as runners crossed the line-they may differ by one or two seconds from those recorded officially.)


Position Name Time
1Colin Fray3:49.24 From UK
2Trevor Jacobs3:51.56 10th Classic
3Kelvin Marshall4:08.11 5th Classic (1996 - 4:09.17)
4Richard Lane4:10.46 6th Classic from WA
5Brock McKinley4:28.55
6Martin Fryer4:34.11
7Alan Towill4:38.19
8Phillip Park4:42.17 8th Classic
9Pip Thorn4:44.34 (1996 time was 5:03.56) 1st Female
10Elizabeth Short4:44.46 2nd Female
11Ben Brikcius4:49.52 Debut
12Ian Green4:51.12 4th Classic
13Mike Ward4:52.55 11th Classic
14Steve Appleby4:56.12 2nd Classic
15Sarah Fein4:57.59 3rd Female
16Michael Smith4:59.15 (1996 - 5:12.12)
17Judd Boeker5:02.40 6th Classic
18David Styles5:04.30 Debut
19Thane Siharath 5:42.20
20Mark Murphy 5:15.28 Debut
21David King 5:15.46 2nd Classic
22Kath Bergkvist 5:16.38 Debut
23Michael Wilson 5:17.30
24Graeme Shipley 5:19.12
25Bob Dent 5:20.38 6th Classic
26Warren Miller 5:21.33
27Mick Tiller 5:21.33
28Alan Duus 5:27.15 (PB) 5th Classic
29Keith White 5:27.49
30Alf Field 5:29.24 6th Classic
31Breeda Kelly 5:29.30 Debut
32Lindsay Gilbert 5:30.24
33Klaus Neumann 5:31.42 From Germany
34Derek Smith 5:32.52 5th Classic
35Dave Gilbert 5:35.00
36Gordon Forsythe 5:36.06
37Bill Rannard 5:35.50 10th Classic
38Carl Simpson 5:33.53
39Trudy Rae 5:35.45 (Cartwheeled at the finish)
40Mark Devenish 5:38.19
41Adrian Durieta 5:38.37
42David Solomon 5:41.48 Debut
43Brian Colwell 5:42.20 11th Classic
44Thane Siharath 5:42.20 2nd Classic
45Ludwig Herpich 5:42.40
46Richard Bartlett 5:42.20
47Chris Gamble 5:44.37
48Jenny Kiss 5:44.37 6th Classic
49Tony Bagala 5:45.00
50Richard Bartlett 5:48.21
51Jim Screen 5:52.43 President Sydney Striders
52Ernest Warner 5:54.11 2nd Classic Oldest to finish
53Bruce Hall 5:34.41 4th Classic
54Lauren Ostrowski 6:09.12 Debut From VIC
55Franz Wanderer 6:10.09
56Roger Rigby 6:13.45 4th Classic
57Dave O'Connor 6:14.33 2nd Classic
58Christian Gallagher 6:22.24
59Irwin Light 6:25.48 Debut
60Margaret White 6:29.38
61Peter Allen 6:31.11 9th Classic
62Rodney Sturgess 6:31.11 3rd Classic
63Keith Thorn 6:32.57 Debut
64Trish Winter 6:33.09 Debut
65Graham Kerruisch 6:42.06 (Sprinted at Finish)
66Christine Ashcroft 6:43.45
67John Brett 6:43.57 9th Classic
68Stephen Mifsud 6:44.00
69Barbara Allen 6:48.29 8th Classic
70Vic Anderson 6:52.27 8th Classic
71Dave Rossi 6:53.58
72Andrew Pitcher 6:56.45
73Ted Lillis 6:57.05 11th Classic
74Colin Francis 6:58.24
75Steve Calvert 7:03.39
76Victor Hessell 7:06.33
77Jean-Jacques David 7:12.40
78Jean-Luc Taillefer 7:12.40

by Doug Fry (dfry@pcug.org.au)

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